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Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise
Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise

Papua New Guinea

Birds of Paradise

A 19-day, small group tour that explores the incredible birdlife of Papua New Guinea, looking for birds-of-paradise and more in the extensive lowland and montane forests of one of the most exciting birding destinations anywhere on earth.

New Guinea, the world’s second largest island, is shared by Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian province of West Papua. Our tour takes us to through the eastern half of this forest-cloaked island in search of 21 spectacular birds-of-paradise as well as members of all seven bird families endemic to the island and a rich diversity of more widespread Australasian species. We begin in dry hill forests around the southern shore before making our way northwest into the extensive rainforests of the New Guinea Highlands and the Star Mountains at the heart of the island, finally descending into the lush lowland rainforest and swamp forests that flank the Elevala and Fly Rivers. Our list of potential species is dominated by highly prized specialities. Among others we’ll look for Blue, Raggiana, King, and King-of-Saxony Birds-of-Paradise, Stephanie’s and Ribbon-tailed Astrapias, Growling Riflebird, Carola’s and Lawes’s Parotias, Greater Lophorina, Black and Brown Sicklebills, Flame Bowerbird, Crested and Loria’s Satinbirds, Wattled Ploughbill, Blue-capped Ifrita, Tit and Crested Berrypeckers, Mottled Berryhunter, Lesser Melampitta, Sclater’s Crowned-Pigeon, Josephine’s and Stella’s Lorikeets, Brown-headed Paradise-Kingfisher, Shovel-billed Kookaburra, Salvadori’s Teal, Forest Bittern, New Guinea Flightless Rail, New Guinea Eagle, Papuan Boobook, Mountain and Starry Owlet-Nightjars, and Papuan Frogmouth. 

Saturday 26 July - Wednesday 13 August 2025

with Leio De Souza

Thursday 14 August - Monday 1 September 2025

with Leio De Souza

2025: $ TBA / £  / €  (Port Moresby/Port Moresby: excluding internal flights)

Duration: 18 nights/19 days

Group size: min. 6 / max. 8 with 1 leader

Single room supplement: $ TBA / £  / € 

Deposit: $ TBA / £  / €  (20% of the tour price)


The tour is priced in US Dollars. Amounts shown in other currencies are indicative.

The tour price includes:

  • Accommodation

  • All meals and drinking water

  • Ground transportation

  • Services of a guide throughout

  • All birding and wildlife activities

  • Reserve entry fees

  • Tour info, pre-travel notes and checklists

Estimated flight costs: $ 1900/ £ 1500 / € 1750 (to/from Port Morebsy)

Estimated internal flight costs: $ 730 / £ 575 / € 675 (Port Moresby-Mount Hagen/Mount Hagen-Kiunga/Kiunga-Port Moresby)

Estimated visa costs: $ 50 / £ 40 / € 45*

*Estimated visa costs shown here are for a 30/60-day tourist e-visa for Papua New Guinea.

More information on what's included

Read about our small group surcharges

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