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Sri Lanka Frogmouth

bird and wildlife holidays in South Asia

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Comprehensive Eastern Himalayas

Spectacular birding in magnificent moss-draped forests and high mountain passes in search of an enticing array of enigmatic Eastern Himalayan specialities. 

scheduled departure 16 days | $ 4730

private/custom tour available

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Eastern Himalayan Highlights

A shorter, affordable introduction to the magnificent birding on offer in the Bhutan Himalayas, coinciding with the arrival of wintering Black-necked Cranes in November.

scheduled departure 10 days | $ 3370

private/custom tour available



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India - central

Tigers and Birds of the Central Highlands

Explore the exceptional mammal diversity and birdlife of central India's forests in four of India's finest tiger reserves, in search of memorable encounters with Tiger and more.

scheduled departure 12 days | £ 2990

private/custom tour available

NE001_BWWrenBabbler_QDS edt.jpg

India - northeast

Assam Plains and the Eastern Himalayas

The richest birding on offer anywhere in India, with easy access to the Eastern Himalayas from the Brahmaputra floodplain to high mountain passes. 

scheduled departure 16 days | £ 2240

private/custom tour available

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India - south

The Western Ghats with Andaman Islands extn.

Rich birding in the tropical foothill forests and montane grasslands of this endemic-rich global biodiversity hotspot, with an optional extension to the Andaman Islands.

scheduled departure 11 days | £ 1875

private/custom tour available

GA001_VSunbird_QDS edt.jpg

India - Goa

Sunbirds, Sea-eagles and Sandplovers

Enjoyable bird and butterfly watching from the balmy coastal plains to rich inland forests in this former Portuguese enclave and popular tropical holiday destination.

scheduled departure 15 days | £ 1825

private/custom tour available

NE002_BTFulvetta_QDS edt.jpg

India - northeast

Mishmi Hills and the Brahmaputra

Explore the rich forests of the Mishmi Hills in combination with the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra valley, home to grassland endemics and Eastern Himalayan gems. 

scheduled departure 12 days | £ 2000

private/custom tour available

WI001_SociablePlover_KD edt.jpg

India - west

The Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat

India's incredibly diverse arid northwest, rich in desert and grassland specialities with spectacular congregations of migratory cranes, flamingos and pelicans.  

scheduled departure 16 days | £ 2895

private/custom tour available

NI001_RCLaughingthrush_QDS edt.jpg

India - north

Birds, Tigers and the Central Himalayas

Superb birding in a range of habitats, from the wetlands and semi-desert of the Indo-Gangetic Plain to the forested foothills of the Central Himalayas, plus Tiger.

scheduled departure 16 days | £ 2540

private/custom tour available

NE003_AmurFalcon_QDS edt.JPG

India - northeast

Nagaland's Amur Falcon Migration

Experience the clouds of Amur Falcons that swarm the Doyang Reservoir on migration. Combine this incredible spectacle with Nagaland's restricted range specialities.

scheduled departure 10 days | £ 1620

private/custom tour available

WI002_AWAss_KD edt.jpg

India - west

Birds and Endemic Mammals of Gujarat

Experience the superb assortment of birds, including some sought-after regional specialities, and iconic endemic mammals of this wonderfully diverse part of India.

scheduled departure 12 days | £ 2105

private/custom tour available 


Sri Lanka
SL_CBFlameback_KD edt.jpg

Sri Lanka

Endemic Birds and Mammals

An exploration of rich lowland rainforests and high altitude grasslands in this truly superb wildlife destination, in search of island endemic birds and large mammals.

scheduled departure 13 days | £ 2220

private/custom tour available

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