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California Quail

bird and wildlife holidays in North America

| USA & Canada |

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USA - Colorado

Grouse Leks, Rockies and Great Plains

Superb spring birding in desert canyons, prairie grasslands and alpine tundra as we look for up to five species of grouse at communal leks among regional highlights and spring migrants.

scheduled departure 8 days | £ tba

private/custom tour available

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USA - The Midwest

Spring Migration Spectacular

Incredible birding in the hills of West Virginia, lake shores of Ohio and forests of Michigan; summer-plumaged songbirds at peak numbers, migratory shorebirds and Kirtland's Warbler.

scheduled departure 8 days | £ tba

private/custom tour available

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USA - New Mexico in Winter

Mountains, Canyons and Congregating Cranes

Exciting winter birding in mountains, canyons and desert, with thousand of cranes, geese and waterfowl in vast wetlands creating one of America's most incredible wildlife spectacles.

scheduled departure 10 days | £ tba

private/custom tour available

US005_CMF_CMWarbler_QDS edt.jpg

USA - Cape May

Fall Migration on the East Coast

Explore eastern North America's best fall migration hotspot, where songbirds heading south are joined by shorebirds, seabirds and the spectacle of migrating raptors.

coming soon

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USA - Texas

Spring Migrants and the Western Hills

Incredible birding in spring migration hotspots brimming with wood-warblers, shorebirds and more, plus Whooping Crane and specialities of the Gulf Coast, Rio Grande and Hill Country.

scheduled departure 18 days | £ tba

private/custom tour available

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